Planting the Decluttering Seed

Highly recommend dollar tree bins and chalk stickers for organization when it comes to kids sharing a room. It adds that little bit of separation they may need.

When my boyfriend and I had our two daughters I made it a priority to educate our kids on the importance of having a tidy home with items we like. Disclaimer: I had the seasonal decor and fast fashion pieces that didn’t actually make me happy. Those items were just some I liked at the time. Nevertheless, I would go through the toys and clothes they outgrew because babies and toddlers do play with different things. This thought is what I stressed to my boyfriend every time because I thought it would help him get on board. P.s. it still hasn’t. It has been a battle of me wanting to declutter (especially during the kid’s birthday and Christmas season) and him wanting to not throw out anything.

This holiday season left me in shock as I prepared the girls to go through their toys on their own. My plan was to lay everything out and they’d decide what they wanted or didn’t want to keep. I was pleasantly surprised that they got rid of three items. Which two will be going to the child of a friend of mine. I honestly didn’t think they’d get rid of anything because they freaked when I told them they’ll have to go through their things after the holidays. Once everything was put in its place they seemed happy and accomplished.

What I realized when I looked at my growing kiddos is, if you plant the seed it will blossom. What horrified me was this can be done in a negative way. (I definitely had a hand in my overly anxious daughter because I was so scared something would happen to her. First kid problems?) Our kids need the structure and attention to learn how to take care of their stuff so when they are older it doesn’t come as an overload of problems.

I planted the seed of decluttering and they used it where they saw fit. They made sure every toy had a home and were pleased with their outcome. I couldn’t of asked for the decluttering to go smoother. I look forward to conversations and projects with these kids of mine as we navigate being more eco-conscious and mindful of what we bring into our lives. Physically and mentally.

In the morning we will rise again.

Feeling late to the investing game

So you’re telling me I’ve had my 401 k investing in one safe account? This was me thinking to myself Wednesday morning as I checked my 401 k information after listening to the BiggerPockets Money Podcast. I thought the company I work for was investing at least moderately for the last 5 years I’ve been employed. I wanted to cry at how uninformed I was. I highly recommend sitting with a retirement advisor because I didn’t and it totally screwed me.

I’m starting to change this now by changing my investment strategy to a more moderate one and ASKING questions about if a Roth or 401 k would be more beneficial.

Next, I’m going to look into setting up my part time job to my 401 k or starting a separate account. This is also going to apply to my boyfriends job. He needs to get either a Roth of 401 k started ASAP as he’s nearing his 30s.

All of this is high key stressing me out but I have to keep telling myself I’m paving the way for my kids to be more educated in finances and setting themselves up for success. I still feel extremely late to the game and it’s giving me immense amount of anxiety. Creating generational wealth is a decade and life vibe.

Please check out BiggerPockets Money podcast for helpful episodes on finances. They’ve given me so much knowledge on finances and investing.

One in One Out Plan for 2020

My boots were separating from the soles at the end of 2019 and I thought “Yay! Boot shopping before 2020 when I really start to crack down on my spending.” Then I thought why not fix these? Did I really want to drop $40-$60 on new boots when I just paid off one of my credit cards? The answer is no, so I used e6000 glue and fixed them. (Total cost:$4)

This sparked my continuing thought of the one in one out rule. I will be using up my items completely before purchasing another. My first “fail” : eyebrow pomade. I technically wasn’t finished with my product when I bought a new one… and now I’m stuck with a shade I hate. But I’m going to use it up and purchase the more eco friendly version in the shade I want.

Challenge: Use up your clothing items before purchasing another.

Now, I always think things will be easier said then done. And this is no exception. Here is a list of items I wanted to purchase thinking that I’m “almost” out of its similar counterpart:

  • Shopetee liquid dish soap in a biodegradable packaging. (Instagram: @shopetee)
  • Miegel’s cleaning powder
  • Dr. Bronner’s toothpaste
  • leather wallet
  • gym leggings
  • Ugg boots
  • Dish brush
  • Wooden car freshener
  • Car coasters
  • Leather keychain
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Our financial Journey Continued

Ah, yes the beginning of 2020. For this brand new year and brand new decade our family is continuing the seeds we planted in 2019. We will be continuing the journey of paying off over $1,500 in credit card debt , paying $2,000 off my student loan debt, buying the boyfriend his new car, and going on two small trips.

The credit card debt is not that high compared to other individuals debt. Ours consisted of a big $1,000 going to fixing my car after several pieces under the hood cracked. The rest of it was going out to eat and frivolous purchases at Goodwill, Target etc. But with adding on the goal of paying $2,000 off of my student loan debt those trips can’t exist unless necessary. After paying off my personal credit card at the end of 2019 it doesn’t seem too difficult. (This is just the first week of 2020, however.) I have made a chart of how much is going to each credit card on each pay date from each job. A great tip I learned is to set your payments for the day you get paid ahead of time so it’s not delayed. It’s worked great and I have piece of mind of it coming out of my account.

Credit card debt is no joke. I took it upon myself to bring more money into the household to pay it off quicker.

The big kahuna (in my opinion) is my student loan debt. My debt is at $24,000 and that’s hard for me to admit. It was supposed to be $20,000. I applied for scholarships and didn’t get any of them. I worked on good essays, videos and pictures. It was heartbreaking to not win. With that being said I need to get a jump start on paying it down and want to pay off $2,000 so when I make a big payment next year it will be closer to $20,000. (Idk that’s just how my mind is working at the moment.)

Buying another vehicle! We have 3 already. Two of which have been with us for seven and a half years and roughly five years. Our Cruze runs great but we want another low mileage vehicle and honestly my boyfriend deserves a new one. He has had a decade of growth and deserves something nice. He’s estimating around $13,000 including licensing. My car was a great investment so we’re not worried about this. It’s in the bag!

Finally our two small trips. I didn’t want to go this year with “starving” ourselves of fun times but to be honest we can’t afford one expensive trip this year. We’re planning a small Christmas trip as a gift. (Inexpensive activities which will be for another post) and a racing experience for my boyfriend which the kids and I can watch from the pit and enjoy too. I know these two trips will mean a lot this year as we say no to items or activities we normally wouldn’t say no to. (I’ve already said no to seven items and it’s only the third of January.)

Don’t starve yourself on your financial journey. You still have to enjoy the process of becoming financially secure. Enjoy the ride, friends.

You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero is an amazing book for your financial journey. Highly recommend, babes.

Goal Setting Tool Belt

Don’t get caught up in having the cute “ideal” planner. Grab a notebook and start goal setting! It’s all about the intention.

Yes, it’s that time of year where we all suddenly gain momentum to write lists of goals we want to accomplish in the upcoming year. I can hear the gyms hyping their employees up for the incoming rush of memberships. Now, I’m not here to rain on your sparkly New Years resolutions. I’m all for them! It’s an amazing tool that individuals can use to regain some “control” in their life. But, my BIG BUT, in all of this is that you don’t need a new year to start a goal or new adventure. You can in fact go start that new kick boxing class in July and not in January. (I’m talking to you LC and Audrina. I’m rewatching The Hills.) You can start your degree anytime because there are colleges who enroll students all the time. Try not to shove a ton of goal setting in one month because you may just burn out before you cross off number 2 on your list. I like to focus on three main points when writing my list of goals or manifestations: 1. Figure out your method, 2. Get yourself in a good head space, and 3. Review and rewrite as many times as you need.

For figuring out your method you can use many different methods such as a vision board (most popular), journal in a notebook (I do this a lot for manifestations.), and meditation/ speaking into existence. Now, you can use one, all or none of these. I personally use all three as needed. In my personal life right now I don’t want to have a vision board up in my two bedroom apartment so I opt for Pinterest. It’s a great way to easily update your virtual vision board and you can access it whenever you want. Also, can we talk about how you can find literally anything on there. It’s the magic bag of apps. Journaling can be as easy or difficult as you want when setting goals. You can take five minutes or an hour to write the accomplishments you foresee in your future. Also I have had the most blinged out journal/planner and a simple black Five Star notebook I stole from my boyfriend. The point being, my finished goals all gave me the same feeling no matter what they were written down on. Satisfaction with moving forward. This last one can seem a bit “woo hoo” to some people (and I used to be one of those people until I did it.) When I feel I need a little realigning with my goals I’ll make the house quiet, put my earbuds in with meditation sounds and just talk or think. I’ve thought about my new car smell, the feeling of my diploma in my hands, or how amazing the band The Maine will sound in concert. (My literal dream come true.) Meditation and speaking dreams into existence have been a part of my goal setting tool belt for two years now and it’s led to an amazing two years of my life.

A good head space is a term I’ve grasped and ran with since the 9th grade right before I “reinvented” myself. Being in a good head space for me means calmness, low caffeine (cause high caffeine gets the anxious train rollin’.) being in a cozy and safe environment and knowing no matter what “no one gets to tell you how big your dreams can be.” – Rachel Hollis. Take the time you need to truly be intentional about your goals. Are they truly the goals or aspirations that align with who you are or are they for someone else? I like to use manifesting as a tool for goal setting because it assists in focusing on the feelings of the goal and it puts you in that mindset of already having or accomplishing that goal. An example is my car. Everyday I’d take 5-30 minutes(sometimes spread throughout the day) to put myself in my new car. I thought about the smell, the feeling of driving it and listening to my favorite music. Most importantly I treated my current car as if it were the new one. This meant driving carefully, cleaning it regularly and servicing it as needed. I did the work and got in the head space a new car owner would be in. Your mind is a powerful tool. Use it to your advantage.

Lastly, review and rewrite your goals. This is one of the most important steps because we tend to get busy and put our goals or resolutions to the side. This results in an influx of memes about not accomplishing our goals once again. Toxic. Reviewing and rewriting our goals keep them at the fore front of our minds and helps us to keep an eye out for opportunities.

We are entering a new decade, a new year, a new month so let’s get moving and create the life we’ve been dreaming of. Get settled on your couch, kitchen table or local coffee shop and start your goal list.

Remember : The sun will rise and we will try again. But most importantly you don’t need a new year to start your goals.

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